Author: Fitness Intellect

In this massive guide, you'll discover science-based ways to boost fat loss, and how you can implement them today.

17 Actionable Weight Loss Tips [Backed by Science]

We recently analyzed 437 scientific studies related to fat loss.

Our goal?

To provide you with a list of tips that are proven to work and easy-to-use.

You can use the 17 tips that follow instantly, no matter if you have five pounds to lose or more than 100.

So, if you want to shed unwanted pounds, keep on reading because this article is for you.

How to Finally Get Six-Pack Abs (Science Explains)

If you want to know how to turn your midsection into an eye-catching “beefcake…”

Even if it currently resembles a fluffy “cheesecake,” or worse, a flabby “cupcake…”

Then this article is for you.

You’ll discover what the current scientific literature has to say about the best way to get abs.

Plus, you’ll get access to a step-by-step blueprint that’ll help you get your abs beach-ready.